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Codeine 15mg x 100 by Slavia pharm . delivery from EU

Product Information

Indicated as an analgesic for the aid of delicate to reasonable soreness. Codeine is indicated in sufferers more mature than eighteen several years of age for the remedy of acute reasonable discomfort which is not considered to be relieved by other analgesics this sort of as paracetamol or ibuprofen (alone).
For the symptomatic relief of unproductive cough and diarrhoea.

Codeine must be used at the cheapest efficient dose for the shortest time period of time. This dose may possibly be taken, up to four instances a day at intervals of not considerably less than six hours. Highest daily dose should not exceed 240mg.

Codeine phosphate should be utilized with caution in the adhering to conditions:

- Patients with uncommon hereditary difficulties of galactose intolerance, the Lapp lactase deficiency or glucose-galactose malabsorption ought to not take this medicine

- There is a achievable risk of CNS excitation or melancholy with concomitant use of opioids with MAOIs and use is not suggested (see section four.five)

- Hepatic impairment - keep away from if significant. Codeine may possibly precipitate coma

- Renal impairment

- Hypothyroidism

- Inflammatory bowel condition - codeine decreases peristalsis, will increase tone and segmentation in the bowel and can raise colonic strain, as a result need to be utilised with warning in diverticulitis, acute colitis, diarrhoea linked with pseudomembranous colitis or following bowel surgical treatment

- Convulsions - might be induced or exacerbated

- Drug abuse or dependence (including alcoholism)

- Gall bladder ailment or gall stones - opioids may possibly cause biliary contraction. Stay away from in biliary ailments

- Gastro-intestinal surgery - use with caution right after modern GI surgical treatment as opioids might change GI motility

- Urinary tract surgical procedure – subsequent modern surgical treatment clients will be a lot more inclined to urinary retention caused immediately by spasm of the urethral sphincter, and by means of constipation induced by codeine

- Phaeochromocytoma - opioids may stimulate catecholamine launch by inducing the launch of endogenous histamine

- Prostatic hypertrophy

- Adrenocortical insufficiency, eg Addison's Illness

- Hypotension and shock

- Myasthenia gravis

- Decreased respiratory function or background of bronchial asthma

- Pregnancy and breast feeding.

- Aged clients might metabolise and get rid of opioid analgesics far more gradually than more youthful sufferers.

- The risk benefit of continued use must be assessed often by the prescriber
Risk reward have to be regarded because opioid analgesics cross the placenta. Studies in animals have proven opioids to cause delayed ossification in mice and improved resorption in rats.

Standard use in the course of pregnancy may cause bodily dependence in the fetus, leading to withdrawal symptoms in the neonate. Throughout labour opioids enter the fetal circulation and might cause respiratory depression in the neonate. Respiratory malformation in neonates may possibly be linked with exposure to codeine throughout being pregnant. Gastric stasis and a risk of inhalation pneumonia could take place in the mother in the course of labour. Administration should be averted during the late stages of labour and during the shipping and delivery of a premature toddler.

Codeine is contraindicated in ladies throughout breastfeeding

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vanished my pain

Pillsforall has been a Godsend. I struggle with chronic daily pain and often cannot sleep the entire night cause the pain. this works just enough to let my body without pain and go to sleep.

Steven Lorman :: Apr 18 2015, 06:45 AM

15mg Codeine

Product arrived in a timely fashion, communication was great. Will definately order again

Rob :: May 08 2009, 23:37 PM

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